Gloss Meter

Product Description

Professional  1 Angles Gloss meter ETB-0686

1. The surface luster measure for printing ink, paint, bake lacquer, coating and woodwork   
2. The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: marble; granite; glass; chemical polishing brick and pottery brick
3. The surface luster measure for plastic and sheet
4. The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials
1. Fine, light stylish appearance, easy to carry
2. Completely intelligentized design, single key operation, convenient to use
3. Automatic adjustment, no need to be hand adjustment  
4. Long life-span lamp- house, no need to change
5. Precise measure, excellent repetition performance
6. LCD digital display
7. There is buzz sound during operation
8. Have electrical source pressure shortage indication function
9. Turn off automatically  
1. Measure range: 0-200GU
2. Stability: <±0.4 GU/30Min
3. Value error: <±1.2GU
4. Power:1.5V(AAA)*2
5. Dimension: 114*70*38mm
6. Weight: 280g
7. Environment temperature: 0-40°C
8. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%