Oxygen Concentrator

Product Description

JAY-3 Home Health Care Oxygen Concentrator

1. Adopting PSA physical method to produce oxygen, this oxygen gas generator is safe and economical.
2. The oxygen flow rate can be adjusted from OL/min to 3L/min.
3. Our JAY-3 oxygen concentrator is equipped with a PLC display which can show the operating pressure, operating temperature, present working time, accumulated working time, preset time, etc.
4. Designed with timing function, the oxygen producing machine will stop working automatically when it reaches to the preset time.
5. Imported molecular sieve and humidification bottle (pressure relief valve value: 6spi) have been used in our products.
6. The OCSI (oxygen concentration status indicator) guarantees stable oxygen concentration and allows the user to use our oxygen generating equipment without any worries.
7. Our oxygen concentrator has alarm system for temperature, high/low pressure and power failure. The alarm system ensures safe machine operation.

Our economical oxygen concentrator is suitable for the home rehabilitation oxygen therapy for respiratory system diseases, cardio vascular and cerebral vascular system diseases and altitude sickness. Besides, it can also be used to make oxygen cocktail.

1. Flow Rate : 0-3l_/min
Oxygen Concentration : 93% (±3%)
Outlet Pressure  : 0.04-0.07Mpa
Noise Leve : ≤ 45db /38 db
Power  : AC230V, 50Hz; AC220V/110V (±10%), 50/60HZ (±1Hz)
Power Consumption  : ≤ 350W/280W
LCD display  : Starting times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, preset time from 10mins to 40hours
Alarm  : Power failure alarm; high/low pressure alarm
Net Weight  : 20kgs/14kgs
Size  : 365x375x600mm/320x360x600mm