Oxygen Concentrator

Product Description

JAY-5 JAY-5Q Home Health Care Oxygen Concentrator

Comparing with other model products, this JAY-5/5Q 0-5L/Min oxygen concentrator has wider application scope. It can be used for the following applications.
1. Medical treatment.
Our product can be used for adjuvant treatment for respiratory system diseases, cardio vascular and cerebral vascular system diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, carbon monoxide poisoning and other hypoxia diseases. It is suitable for clinics, community hospitals, township health clinics, etc.
2. Home health care.
With our oxygen concentrator you can enjoy oxygen therapy at home without going to the clinic or hospital on purpose.
3. Oxygen cocktail preparation.
Combining a mixer, this oxygen producing machine can be used to produce oxygen cocktail and make oxygen "edible".
4. Veterinary use.
This product is also suitable for small-sized animals to inhale oxygen.

Model : JAY-5 JAY-5Q
Flow Rate : 0-5L/min
Oxygen Concentration  : 93% (±3%)
Outlet Pressure :  004-0.07Mpa
Noise Level :  ≤50dB 40db
Power :  AC22OV (±10%), 50/60±1 Hz; ACI1OV (±10%), 50/60Hz (±1Hz)
Power Consumption  : S480W ≤350W
LCD display :  Starting times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time,
preset time from lOmins to 40hours
Alarm  : Power failure alarm; high/low pressure alarm
Net Weight  : 25kg 16 kgs
Size  : 365x375x600mm 320x360x360mm