Panel Saw

Product Description

Sliding Table Saw MJ6132 with CE Approval

Model MJ6132A
Dimensions sliding table 3200mm 3200mm 3200mm
Gross cut capacity 3100mm 3100mm 3100mm
Main motor 4kW 4kW 4kW
Speed of main saw blade 4200rpm 3000/4000/5000/6000rpm 4200rpm
Slot Saw Motor Power 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW
Slot Saw Speed 8600rpm 10000rpm 8600rpm
Main Saw Size ø300× ø30mm (ø300-350)× ø30mm ø300× ø30mm
Slot Saw Size ø120× ø22mm ø120× ø22mm ø120× ø22mm
Tilling saw blade 0~45° 0~45° 0~45°
Overall dimensions 3300×3350×1000 mm 3300×3350×1000 mm 3300×3350×1000 mm
Net weight 780 kg 1000 kg 780 kg