Product Description


Metaldehyde is very effective to mollusc like snail and slug etc. It can also be used in artificial rainfall, manufacture of firework, industry, agriculture and horticulture.
Tech Grade 99%
1. Molecular Formula:C8H16O4
2. Molecular Weight: 176.21
3. Appearance: white needle-like crystalline powder
4. Metaldehyde: ≥99%
5. Paraldehyde: ≤0.4%
6. Acetaldehyde: ≤0.1%
7. Should be stored in dry and draughty place, away from fire.
8. Packing: 25kg, 30kg, cardboard drum, 50kg steel drum.
5% or 6% Metaldehyde Granule
1. It is safe to crops, convenient for using, and it is pollution free.
2. Effective Component and Properties: 5% or 6% Metaldehyde Granule: ≥5.0% or ≥6.0%, melting point: 246ºC, can sublimate at 115ºC. Poorly soluble in water, soluble in benzene and trichloromethane.
3. Method of Application: Spread the product over the field surface or surrounding of crop root, it should be used according to the life habit of snail and slug for getting favorable effect.
4. Dosage: 3.75kg-11.00kg per hectare
5. Packing & Storage: 0.5kg/bag, 0.25kg/bag, composite aluminium foil bag. 10kg/box, fiber drum for domestic trade. 25kg/drum; 30k/drum, fiber drum for export trades.