AND01 Pen Type Dosimeter

Product Description

AND01 Pen Type Dosimeter


1. Real time measure dose rate, and record the accumulated dose and region average value at the same time. 

2. Smaller measure error range and able meet national metering standards. 

3. Dose rate alarm threshold and metering alarm threshold all can be key setting. It has over dose alarm function, sound and optic alarm. 

4. Start machine and test automatically, simply and easily operation.

5. It has exquisite volume and light weight, pen clamps design convenient to wear.

6. Internal configured chargeable lithium battery, able to continue test 50 hours after fully charged. 

7. Display screen able to continuously measure after automatic dormant.

8. White light OLED display screen design, displayed more clearly, also able to normally display in night. 

9. It has sensor fault reminding function (the display screen display “Device Fault”).


1. Sensor: 48mm Geiger counter tube·

2. Measure range: 0.05uSv-50mSv 

3. Measure precision: -17%...+25% based on 137Cs γ  

4. Working environment: temperature -20~50℃; humidity <95% RH 

5. Size: diameter 15.3mm, length 108mm, weight: 19g 

6. Durable time: 50 hours (continue measure, screen dormant) 

7. Charging time: 2~3 hours 

8. Charging port: Type-C (green light normally lighting when charging, extinction when fully charged) 

9. Alarm responding time: <10s