TC400 Crack Width Gauge

Product Description

TC400 Crack Width Gauge

TC400 is used for crack width detection of concrete surface. Also long-term and real-time monitoring of crack width value during the cracking process. During dynamic monitoring process, the crack images can be saved and stored automatically. 


1. First in China to support both crack width detection and monitoring functions: its detection function can complete the on-site rapid and automatic test of the crack width, and the monitoring function can carry out long-term continuous and regular automatic monitoring of the crack width in the cracking progress.

2. Real-time automatic interpretation of the crack width value: it only takes 150 milliseconds to determine the width of one crack.

3. Intelligent interpretation of diagonal cracks: the cracks in the screen are not required to be vertical during automatic interpretation. For diagonal cracks, the direction can be automatically identified and the real crack width perpendicular to the inclined direction can be correctly read, which improves the test speed and test accuracy.

4. Support manual interpretation of the crack width value: manually move the cursor to define the boundary of the crack to complete the manual interpretation. A scale ruler is also displayed on the screen, and the reading can be checked. According to different crack widths, the crack image and the scale ruler can also be appropriately zoomed in and out;

5. Store data and images at the same time. The stored data and images can be viewed or deleted.

6. Export data and images via U disk. Standard 2G U disk, and the capacity can be expanded.

7. When performing crack monitoring, set the total monitoring time and test time interval, and display the timing in real time. During the monitoring process, it will automatically sleep in the power-saving mode and can be awakened at any time.


1. Measuring range: 0~10mm

2. Measuring accuracy: 0.01mm

3. Estimable accuracy: 0.001mm

4. Enlargement factor: digital 60 times

5. Storage capacity: 100,000 crack measure points

6. Power: Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery

7. Display: Large graphic display

8. Operating temperature: -10℃~ +50℃

9. Two operating modes: Touch screen & key press

10. Dimension of main unit: 45 x 115 x 190mm

11. Net weight: 530g