SM8124A Battery Internal Resistance Detector

Product Description

SM8124A Battery Internal Resistance Detector
Battery internal resistance tester is an intelligent instrument specifically designed to measure various battery resistance. It is suitable for the internal resistance measurement of various single cells and assembled batteries such as lithium ion,nickel metal hydride, zinc manganese, lead acid, etc.,to quickly assess the pros and cons of the battery.

1. Voltage measurement range: 0~1.999V; 2V~19.99V; 20V~100.0V

2. Voltage resolution: 0~1.999V: 1mV; 2V~19.99V: 10mV;  20V~100.9V: 100mV

3. Measurement accuracy: ±1%

4. Internal resistance measurement range: 1mΩ~199.9mΩ; 200mΩ~1999mΩ; 2Ω~19.99Ω

5. Internal resistance resolution: 1mΩ~199.9mΩ: 0.1mΩ; 200mΩ~1999mΩ: 1mΩ; 2Ω~19.99Ω: 10mΩ

6. Measurement accuracy: ±5%

7. Environment temperature: 0℃~40℃; Humidity: ≤85%RH

8. Power: One 9V battery

9. Display: LCD

10. Low voltage prompt

11. Weight: 177g

12. Dimensions: 130×72×30mm