GM010 Grain Moisture Tester

Product Description

Grain Moisture Tester GM010

1.Grain Moisture meter for rice, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed etc. 
2.LCD display 
3.Automatic weighing, temperature compensation
1. Quick, accurate, convenient
2. AC/DC power supply compatible
3. High-brightness backlight LCD, clear and energy-saving
4. Multi point calibration, error correction
5. Low power consumption, automatic shutdown
6. Automatic weighing and temperature compensation
7. Volume-weight conversation display
8. Measuring objectives: foodstuff, and other non-metal granular sample, such as rice grain, wheat, corn, soybean and rape seed etc.
Technical data:
1. Grains: P1 Japonica Paddy; P2 Soybean; P3 Wheat; P4 Rape Seed;  P5 Corn; P6 Barley; P7 Indica Paddy; P8 Rice; P9 Large Grain Corn; P10 White Wheat; P11 Peanut Kernel; P12 Chinese Sorghum; P13 Black Sesame Seed; P14 Sunflower Seed; P15 Watermelon Seed; P16 Cotton Seed; P17 Soybean Meal; P18 Cotton Meal; P19 Rapeseed Meal; P20 Pellet / Granular Feed; P21~P24 Customized
2. Measuring error: less than +/-0.5%
3. Repetitive error: less than 0.2%
4. Measuring range:0~40%
5. Measuring time: less than 10 seconds
6. Environmental temperature: 0~40°C
7. Power supply: four 5#alkaline batteries or external 9V DC.
8. Display model: high-brightness backlight LCD
9. Net weight: 910gm
10. Packaging Detail: Each piece packed in aluminium alloy box and 4pc/ctn,65.5*43*41=0.12CBM 14.5Kgs/GW, 12Kgs/NW.