AMT151 Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Description

AMT151 Coating Thickness Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge AMT151 is a highly intelligent and precise instrument used to quickly and accurately measure thickness of coating or plating on almost all kinds of metal surface. 
This compact gauge permits extremely precise measurements of lacquer and anti-corrosion protection coating thicknesses, both on steel and iron as well as on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc and copper. 
Automatic substrate recognition, extended measuring range, increased measuring speed.
1. Measuring : Continuous and Single Measurement available
2. Memory: 6000 data storage (100groups, 60 datas per group)
3. Unit: Metric/Imperial switchable (mil/um selectable)
4. Backlight: Brightness adjustable, clear and easy reading under any light condition
5. Alarm: Set higher and lower alarm range for measuring
6. Calibration: Zero-Calibration, 1 points calibration and 5-point calibration selectable
7. Battery: 2 x AAA (Not include); Low battery indication and auto shut off
8. Data transfer: Bluetooth
9. APP: Android, iOS, Search "CoatingMaster" in app store
10. Language: English (other language can customized)
11. Data Delete: delete a single data or clear all the data
12. Probe select: Automatically detects ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
1. Range: 0~2000μm / 0~80mil
2. Resolution: 0.1μm (0~99.9μm); 1μm (100~2000μm)
3. Accuracy: ±2%
4. Display: Easy to read LCD screen
5. Test Limits: Surface curvature: convex 5mm / concave 5mm
6. Minimum test surface: Φ10mm
7. Minimum thickness of base material: 0.4mm
8. Operation Condition (not in high magnetic field): Temperature:-20°C-50°C; Humidity: 10%RH-85RH