AM2050 Air Bacteria Sampler

Product Description

AM2050 Air Bacteria Sampler
AM2050 air bacteria sampler is high effective porous suction sampler. Based on Anderson percussive principle, AM2050 with impact velocity 10.8m/s, as the five grade of Anderson percussive grade. The getter device of equipment get air through porous sampling head, and impact to petri dish of ¢90m, then microorganisms in the air is captured by the agar medium. This equipment can be widely used in pharmacy, food, juice, running water industries, drug control institute, health and epidemic prevention, hospitals, etc. 
Features and functions:
1. Standard impact way, Screen type working mode, equal to five grade of Anderson percussive grade sophisticated air flow sensor. Constant current sampling, with high accuracy flow controlling. It will shut off automatically once insufficient battery power or flow mirror more than 2.5%.
2. Measure ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure automatically. Automatically maintain a constant current flow with the change of temperature, atmospheric pressure
3. AC-DC dual-use, with built-in high-energy lithium battery
4. Can be matched with professional A frame, the sampling height can be adjustable.
5. Large-capacity data storage
6. Dot-matrix liquid crystal display, Chinese and English operation.
7. User password protection
8. Fault detection automatic protection
9. There is no need to recalibrate the flow no matter under any temperature, sea level, atmospheric pressure.
Technical parameters:
1. Sampling flow: 100L/min; Resolution: 1L/min; Error: ≤±2.5%
2. Atmospheric pressure: 80~106kPa; Resolution: 0.01kPa; Error: ≤±0.53kPa
3. Working temp: -20~50°C
4. Sampling volume range: 100~3000L
5. Petri dish size: ¢90mm
6. Material: Anodized aluminum
7. Lithium battery: 11.1V/4.4Ah
8. Charging power time:<6h
9. Battery working time: >10h
10. Power supply source: DC15V,3A
11. Size: 150&times;235mm
12. Noise:<60dB(A)
13. Weight: About 2kg
14. Power consumption:<20W 
Optional Parts: Compressed Gas Sampling Adaptor AM2050CS; Tripod TR-573 
The optional compressed gas sampling adaptor designed according to GMP standard and widely used for Pharmacy, Food Industry ect. Pressure can adjust by the pressure gauge. Quick connector with pipe and easy to install.

AM2050CS Specifications:
1. Flow Range: 0~6000L/min adjustable
2. Accuracy: &plusmn;4%
3. Pressure: 0~10MPa
4. Working Temperature: 0~65&deg;C