AM2050A Air Bacteria Sampler

Product Description

Air Bacteria Sampler AM2050A

1. Imported fan, electronic flow sensors, flow control and high precision;
2. Less than the rated sampling flow (low or sampling head clogging) automatically stop sampling, to ensure the accuracy of Proof sampling;
3. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery that lasts up to 6 hours sampling;
4. Any query historical data that can be derived through the U disk;
5. Dot matrix LCD display, English menu of operations;
6. Real-time clock display
7. Power saving feature automatically adjusts the backlight brightness, no automatic shutdown;
8. Full Metal Jacket , solid and durable , stylish appearance;
9. Sampling head horizontally and vertically adjustable;
10. Special tripod , sampling height adjustable;
11. Compressed gas sampling adaptor (optional)


Technical parameters:
1. Sampling flow: 100L/min; Resolution: 1L/min; Error: ≤±2.5%
2. Working temp: -20~50°C
3. Sampling volume range: 100~3000L
4. Petri dish size: diameter 90mm
5. Material: Anodized aluminum
6. Lithium battery: 11.1V/4.4Ah
7. Charging power time:<6h
8. Battery working time: >10h
9. Power supply source: DC15V,3A
10. Size: 110 x 210mm
11. Noise: <60dB(A)
12. Weight: About 1.5kg
13. Power consumption: <15W
Optional Parts: Compressed Gas Sampling Adaptor AM2050CS (See above); Tripod TR-572

AM2050CS Specifications:
1. Flow Range: 0~6000L/min adjustable
2. Accuracy: ±4%
3. Pressure: 0~10MPa
4. Working Temperature: 0~65°C