FM-204T Tablet Hhardness Tester

Product Description

FM-204T Tablet Hhardness Tester


1. High precision and high resolution.

2. Digital display, ignore the difference.

3. N (Newton), Kg, LB (pounds), g (grams) four measuring units for choice, mutual conversion.

4. Peak hold function. Maintain peak display until manually reset.

5. Green environmental protection, can be set 10 minutes no operation automatic shutdown; It can also be manually shut down.

6. Can be powered by alkaline batteries; Can also be connected to 5V DC power supply.


1. Test scope: 0~20Kgf, 0~196N,0~4426Lbf

2. The resolution: 0.01Kgf, 0.1N, 0.0126Lbf

3. Diameter of the test range: 15mm

4. Precision: ±0.5%FS (range) + 1 digital peak

5. Unit: Kgf, gf, N, Lbf

6. Can be measured value: Peak, instantaneous value.

7. Display: Four big liquid crystal, double screen

8. Shutdown mode: Close automatically or manually shut down 10 minutes

9. Backlight

10. Power supply: 2 x AA battery or DC 5V power supply

11. Working temperature: 0~40°C

12. Weight: 390g

13. Size: 211 x 80 x 36mm