Product Description

Chemical name: Fenitrothion, Accothion, Agrothion

Properties: Industrial grade is brown yellow liquid with smell, B.P. 140-145°C/0.1mm mercury column and decompound; vapor pressure (20°C ) 1.35 x 0-4mm mercury column ,R.D.(d425)1.32. Solubility: 30°C ,14mg/l in water, 20-25°C,carrene, methanol, dimethylbenzene >1000g/kg, stable in normal temp.; Decompound and invalidation in high temp. and basic condition.

Dosage form : 50%EC, 2%, 3%,5%P, 40%, 50%WP, 3%, 5% grain

Target: Touch-kill and stomach poison; Suitable for rice stem borer , paddy borer , caterpillar, grass leaf roller , rice leafhopper, fly louse, paddy thrips , cotton aphid, cotton red spider, cotton pink boll worm ,cotton bollworm ,cotton leafworm, soybean budworm, limabean pod borer , tea caterpillar, tea leafhopper, peach budworm, apple small gypsy moth , armyworm etc. Mainly used in rice snout moths larva.