OS280 Cooking Oil TPM Tester

Product Description

OS280 Cooking Oil TPM Tester


Cooking oil is the mainly energy and nutrition source, and the cooking material for daily life. Fried food is also favored as its unique taste. With physical and chemical reaction during the high-temp cooking process, toxical chemicals will be produced. Currently, the traditional testing method on cooking oil is mainly chemical method which is commonly used and conducted by professionals in the lab. But the laboratory process always produces pollution and unnecessary waste. The Total Polar Material (TPM) values is the only acceptable standard which used for cooking oil testing. OS280 is designed for cooking oil testing with safety and efficiency. It is able to test total polar material (TPM) values in minutes and suitable for all kinds of cooking oil within high operation temperature.

OS280 Cooking Oil Tester is especially suitable for quality supervision, refectory, fast-food restaurants, food manufacturers, bakeries and so on. It is also used for cooking oil quality's preliminary inspection in lab. This tester aims to achieve the application and inspecting on oil quality, save cooking oil, and ensure the safety of cooking oil.



1. Easy operation, field testing, suitable for a variety of testing conditions.

2. Fast measurement, getting result within 10 seconds with sound-light alarm.

3. Adopting food-grade materials, safety and eco-friendly for probes.

4. Waterproof design, class IP65.

5. Using AAA battery, 500 times measurement.

6. Adopting streamlined design, according to Ergonomics, easy handling and preventing it to fall apart.

7. Special design for probe in order to reduce residual oil and easy for clean.

8. The probe is easy to be replaced and no need to be recalibrated.



1. Temperature measure range:  0~200.0℃

2. Temperature resolution: ±0.1℃

3. Temperature accuracy: ±1.0℃

4. TPM measure range: 0~50%

5. TPM accuracy: ±1.5%

6. TPM resolution: ±0.1%

7. Temperature sensor: PTC Sensor

8. TPM sensor: Capacitive sensor

9. TPM response time: <10S

10. LED status alert: Green, Orange, Red

11. Operating temperature: 0 ~+50℃

12. Storage temperature: -40 ~+70℃

13. Display: LED

14. Frame material: ABS

15. Probe material: Food-grade stainless steel

16. Battery: 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (AA LR6)*2pcs

17. Weight: About 218g

18. Bluetooth: Yes

19. WiFi: Yes

20. Probe: Replaceable