TC200 Concrete Crack Depth Gauge

Product Description

TC200 Concrete Crack Depth Gauge


1. Entire English display, clear and easy to use

2. Direct digital read out of the crack depth

3. Use special bracket to ensure the accuracy of two testing points

4. A data base is set up to store and manage completed test data for analysis reporting

5. RS232 interface to PC

6. Testing range: 4mm~500mm

7. Tolerance: ≤5mm (when crack depth is less than 50mm); ≤10%W (W means the crack depth) (when the depth is more than 50mm)

8. Memory: 25000 test data

9. Power: AA batteries (LR6) x 6

10. Display: Large graphic display

11. Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃

12. Humidity: <90%

13. Dimension: 210x153x90mm

14. Weight: 880g