Hand Tally Counter Clicker JQ014A

Product Description

Hand Tally Counter Clicker JQ014A
1. Easy to Use: The hand tally counter can count to 9999. easy to reset by clockwise rotating. 
2. No Batteries Required: With no battery loaded, the clicker counter works with mechanical parts, displaying 4 digits accurately. No need to worry about the electrical power. 
3. Solid & Durable Materials: Endowed with durable full metal case, the pitch counter feels durable and sturdy, smooth surface, sturdy ring wraps around the finger, counter could stay securely in your hand.
4. Wide Application: Any occasion you would require a counter such as school, lab, sport event, golf, casino, bar, concert, & coach, etc.
5. Transmission ratio: 1:1
6. Counting speed:<300 times/minute