WYA-2S, 3S Digital Abbe Refractometer

Product Description

WYA-2S, WYA-3S Digital Abbe Refractometer

1. Measurement of refractive index nD of transparent or translucent liquid and solid substances.
2. Measurement of the Brix of sugar solution.
3. Visual aim and LCD display
4. Automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the Brix.
5. Prism made of hard glass, uneasy to be worn.
6. Printer interface for direct data print-out.

Model WYA-2S WYA-3S
Refractive Index (nD) Range 1.3000~1.7000 1.30000~1.72000
Refractive Index (nD) Accuracy ≤±0.0002
Brix (%) Range 0~100%
Brix (%) Accuracy ≤±0.1%
Resolution Brix:0.1%, nD:0.0001 Brix:0.01%, nD:0.00001
Temperature Range 0~50°C -20~120°C
Measuring Mode ----- 8
Display LCD Colorful Touch Screen
Interface RS232 RS232/USB
Storage ----- 500groups
Size 330 x 180 x 380mm
Weight 10Kg