Wile 78 Crushing Grain Moisture Meter

Product Description

Wile 78 Crushing Grain Moisture Meter


1. Wile 78 is a new generation high-precision crushing grain moisture meter featuring scales for over 20 different grains and seeds. The measurement result is produced quickly, in less than 20 seconds.

2. Handy and compact: Wile 78 is a compact meter that is easy to take to any location in the carrying case included in the meter's delivery set. The sample size of the meter is small, making it a convenient tool for measuring samples before the start of the actual harvesting season.

3. The easy-to-hold scoop-shaped cap improves the user experience, while being a handy scoop to load a proper amount of the sample into the meter. The tempered grinding teeth of the meter are hard-wearing and durable.

4. Highly accurate measurement result: The crushing meter allows to analyse the moisture content of kernels or seeds beneath the surface. This feature is useful, for instance, when the thickness of the shell varies depending on the species and the growth conditions, or if extremely moist grain is dried quickly, possibly leaving some humidity in the centre of the kernel, even though the external surface of it is already dry.

5. The measurement range varies between 4% and 44%, depending on the grain and the market. The typical range for cereal grains varies from 9% to 37%, and for oil seeds – from 5% to 28%. Repeatability of the measurement results: ±0.5% storage moisture with normal grain at room temperature.

6. Backlit guiding LCD display

7. Automatic temperature compensation

8. Automatic averaging

9. Automatic power OFF

10. Low battery voltage alert

Measured grain species: 

1. Wheat: 9.6~37.6%

2. Barley: 9.0~39.0%

3. Oats: 8.6~38.0%

4. Rye: 10.0~41.0%

5. Triticale: 9.0~40.0%

6. Spelt: 9.0~35.2%

7. Turnip rape: 5.0~35.0%

8. Rapeseed: 5.0~28.2%

9. Corn: 8.8~38.4%

10. Buckwheat: 9.6~38.0%

11. Peas: 10.2~31.4%

12. French bean: 10.6~30.6%

13. Broad bean: 10.2~33.6%

14. Caraway: 3.0~33.6%

15. White clover: 7.4~39.4%

16. Red clover: 9.0~33.4%

17. Timothy-grass: 9.2~33.4%

18. Meadow fescue: 9.2~34.2%

19. Ryegrass: 9.0~34.2%

20. Linseed: 4.8~29.8%

21. Camelina: 5.0~34.0%

22. Mustard: 5.4~40.0%

23. Hemp: 6.6~24.4%