AMT127 Angle Finder

Product Description

AMT127 Angle Finder


1. Angle locator designed for durability and convenient use.

2. High-visibility indictor with clear marks and large digit, easy to read.

3. Includes comparison table on the back side, with dual level bubble to use at ease even in the dark.

4. Strong, magnetic contact for accurate angle identification.

5. Made of high-impact ABS plastic, durable, lightweight and resistant to wear.

6. A High sensitivity bearing gravity dial is used to automatically measure various gradients.

7. With a high transparency panel, the observation is clearer. The conversion tables of slope and angle are attached

8. For Civil engineering (solar photovoltaic professional installation of retaining wall construction, ditches and dams, pipeline drainage, etc.). Building engineering, indoor and outdoor drainage gradient setting, inclination measurement. 


1. Determination range: 130°-0°-130°; 50° 90°-0° -50° -90°; 1branch~8branch (0.5 Graduated scale); 12%、15%、18%、20%

2. Accuracy: ±1°

3. Outline size: 95x95x30mm

4. Weight: 118g