SM206-PAR Quantum PAR Meter

Product Description

SM206-PAR Quantum PAR Meter

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SM206-PAR: Standard Packing

SM206-PAR-1: with extra waterproof Sensor and Telescopic Wand, can use under water.


It is mainly applicable to the detection of the irradiation intensity in the effective wavelength range of green plant growth


1. Measuring range: 0~2700 umol/m2/second (400-700nm)

2. Resolution: 1 umol/m2/second

3. Unit: umol/m2/second is photosynthesis rate, 1mW/cm2=46 umol/m2/second

4. Accuracy: ±10%

5. Display: 3-3/4 LCD display, maximum displayed numerical value 3999, over load "OL"

6. Drift: ≦±2% / year 

7. Linearity: ±2%

8. Wavelength range: 400~700nm

9. Sampling time: 2 times/s

10. Operation temperature and humidity: 0°C to 40°C; <80%RH 

11. Storage temperature and humidity: -10°C to 50°C; <70%RH 

12. Dimensions and weight: 132x60x38mm, approx. 150g 

13. Power: 6F22 alkaline 9V battery, Battery operation life: Approx. 100 hours