WSB-1 WSB-2 Portable Whiteness Tester

Product Description

WSB-1 WSB-2 Portable Whiteness Tester


1. Standard ceramic whiteboard, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and does not discolor for a long time

2. The body is compact and can be carried anywhere

3. Supports connection to computer software to print or export data reports

4. Automatic calibration, one-click measurement

5. Low energy consumption and long service life

6. Widely used in: powder, textile, spray paint, paper, plate, stone, plastic products, cosmetics and other fields


1. Parameters:

    1) WSB-1: 457/ISO2470

    2) WSB-2: ASTM, CIE, Ganz, Hunter, Tauble, Berger, AATCC, R457/ISO2470, GB/T17644

2. Resolution: 

   1) WSB-1: 0.1

   2) WSB-2: 0/01

3. Zero point drift: 

   1) WSB-1: 0.2/10min

   2) WSB-2: 0.1/10min

4. Lighting source: LED (full-band balanced LED light source), D65/10

5. Measuring diameter: 4mm

6. Measuring structure: 45/0

7. Measuring range: 0~200

8. Measurement repeatability: <0.1

9. Measurement time: 1.55s

10. Interface: USB, Bluetooth

11. Screen: IPS full color screen (135*24-0,1.14inch)

12. Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery

13. Calibration: automatic calibration

14. Software support: Android, IOS, Windows

15. Weight: about 75g

16. Diameter: 33 x 84mm