WTM-8 Portable Whitness Meter (Optional powder sampler model WTM-8P)

Product Description

WTM-8 Portable Whitness Meter

Order Number:

WTM-8: Standard Meter

WTM-8P: Optional powder sampler


WTM-8 is R457 blue whiteness digital portable whiteness meter, widely used in measuring the whiteness of textile, paint, chemicals, building materials, paper, cardboard, plastic, white cement, ceramics, enamel, porcelain clay, talc, starch, flour, salt, detergents, cosmetics and other objects. 

Product Characteristics:

1. Ultra compact design can be in your pocket, more portable and on-site measurements, is currently the smallest and lightest whiteness meter.

2. The light correction system has revolutionized the portable whiteness meter can not measure the fluorescence whiteness market situation, can be comparable with the desktop.

3. Without zero calibration, easy to operate.

4. Super-power design, using a 5 batteries (rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries can be), you can operate. A new battery can be used continuously for more than 50 hours, about ten thousand data can be measured.

5. Exceptional moisture technology lets you ease of use in a variety of harsh environments.

6. No waiting time, numerically stable, drift-free, for quick measurements.

7. Long-life light source, without replacement.

8. National calibration transfer standard whiteboard value, accurate and reliable.

9. Optional powder pressure sampler for accurate measurement of powder products.


1. Projection angle: 45/0

2. Measuring range: 0 ~ 199.9Gs

3. Whiteness said: R457 blue whiteness

4. Light source: D65 light source

5. Repeatability: 0.2

6. Power: 1.5vAA

7. Window size: 12 × 26mm

8. Dimension: 114 × 32 × 64mm

9. Weight: 300g